About me....

I am so honored you decided to stop by and take a minute to get to know me!  My wish is that we would be sitting across a table from each other with a cup of coffee getting to know each other, but I know in this digital age it doesn't always happen that way.  So grab yourself a hot cup of Jo and let's start this journey that I hope leads us to some wonderful portraits for your home and maybe that face to face cup of coffee!   I do hope you find time to look through my galleries as well; they are a not only a reflection of who my clients are, but my style reflects who I am as well.

I have a wonderful husband of 25 years, Rich, and you might have the great pleasure of meeting him on our shoot!  He is wonderfully supportive and helps me whenever I need him.  We have two incredible boys (at least thats what my Mama heart says). Brody is 22 and is going into Youth and Family Ministries, and Noah is 19 and a gifted Welder and Outdoor Photographer.  It has been an amazing experience watching them grow into such wonderful young men who are ready to put their fingerprint on this world.  

I am passionate about my faith, homeless shelters, working with youth and random acts of kindness.  I have an incredible family; I am one of 7 kids and there are 22 grandchildren. We so enjoy being together; laughing, crying and praying each other through life.  I also enjoy watching sports; my favs are gymnastics, basketball, football and of course, hockey!  I love eating in small cafes, gardening and enjoy sitting on our porch just watching the wildlife or reading.  One of my favorite things to do is laugh with the people that cross my path each day.

Photography has always been important to me; it has meaning.  I remember having a camera in my hand as early as 5th grade!  I look back at 49 years of photographs of my family going to Lake Vermilion for our family vacation; I have pictures of my boys playing in the same sand I played in when I was their age.  There are memories there of the different friends that got to tag along or the deep emotional attachment to a photo of someone who has passed on from this life and on to the next.  It's then that I whisper to myself, "thank God we took this picture."   These are more than photographs, these are precious memories; reminders that take me back so I can see clearly the journey I've been on that led me to where I am today.  

I became a photographer because I wanted to bless you with lasting memories; from the simple to the landmark moments in your life....

I want to give you images that create emotion, portray love, and tell a part of your story.  I want to laugh with you and be part of your journey documenting all the beautiful moments in your life.  You are unique.  Never in history or in this present time, or even in the future will there be someone just like you! My goal in every session (whether there is 1 person or a family of 15) is to capture that uniqueness.  My tag line is: Unique. Creative. You.   You are unique; it is my passion to be creative in how I capture that so my images have your fingerprint on them!