Maternity Portraits

Welcome to my Maternity Gallery, and congratulations on your pregnancy!  Maternity Sessions are important to me for a couple of reasons.  One of them is that I don't think there is anything more beautiful than an expectant mother.  The other is capturing you in a way that makes you feel beautiful.  It is important to me that the images reflect your beauty inside and out, the excitement of expecting and the love that brought you to this place in your life.  I have had many mothers say, "Put it all in a locked gallery, I don't want anyone to see me!"  They then see the images and want them posted on FB, so they can share them with their friends:). That tells me that they look and feel beautiful when they see their portraits!  So come to me with all your reservations; I promise I will calm your fears and honor you as you struggle with the changes that your body is going through (I've been there.) What you see in this gallery is a display of other expectant mothers in all their beauty!    

Blessings, Karen