BABY LOVE-An Artful Newborn Session 


My heart just fills up in anticipation of a newborn session!  It’s amazing to see how each baby has their own smile, smirks and silly faces.  The way they fold up in those little bowls and their hands always fall into the same position; because that is who they are.  I love my time getting to know the parents during the session-the connections are important to me.  Remember that this new little one will run the show; they decide when to be awake, when to sleep and when it’s time to eat.   Newborn Sessions can last anywhere from two to two and half hours so patience is the key to getting wonderful newborn portraits.  


My time in creating and editing your baby’s beautiful portraits
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 There is a minimum order of $300.00 required for this session due before the gallery goes up. You will receive your 3 favorite digital images with your minimum order and more can be earned for orders over minimum (1 free digital for every $100.00 spent) or by purchasing them after the minimum order is met.  I love to pamper my clients and walk them through every part of the journey.  You have my promise you will never be pressured to purchase beyond what you are comfortable spending. *Free digitals must be included in order in an 8x10 size or larger


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