Children's Portraits

Welcome to my Children's Gallery! It's an amazing experience watching your newborn grow, smile, laugh, talk, crawl and walk!  There's nothing like hearing "Mamma" or "Daddy" for the first time; it's music to our ears! They are cute and cuddly in the morning, moving at lightning speed throughout their day and then comes the crash and burn of an over-tired little one!  We put them down, thank God that we made through the day and settle in for a good nights sleep to do it all over again tomorrow. They bring us the much needed laughter in this crazy world we live in and we wouldn't trade one second of it.  That's what makes these shoots so much fun!  There's laughing, crying, some chasing, we'll experience it all:) As you can see here, I love a more simple, clean look to my children's images. So let's dig in and have some fun with your little one!


Blessings, Karen