Team Sports

I LOVE Sports Photography!  Team Sports Photography is a specialty of mine! I love creating composites that fit the style and colors of your team. I have the quality and reasonable prices that the parents love! There is no fee for me to come out and take the team portraits.  (Traveling might be an exception, depending on your location) I also make cool team banners to display, and the kids can purchase those in poster forms as well!  If you are interested in me taking your team photos, please go to my "Contact Me" page and send me an email.  

Blessings, Karen 


Here is a testimony:  "I was introduced to Karen and His Image photography when she was taking my son's youth wrestling individual pictures. She was very friendly, energetic, and worked great with all the wrestlers. On top of that she took a wonderful picture. The picture quality, vivid colors and amazing background really brought the picture to life. 

As the coordinator for the summer baseball and softball programs in Winsted. I wanted to bring this same experience I had to the parents in our program. We typically have anywhere from 10-12 teams with approximately 150-160 players that play ball in Winsted each summer. The ages of these players range from 4-12. Karen is very patient, she kept things moving, and was open to new ideas.

Karen is easy to get a hold of and does a great job of returning calls. She is flexible, energetic, and creative when it comes to taking pictures. The quality of her work and the professionalism she conducts herself with is second to no one. I have really enjoyed working with Karen and His Image Photography and the parents of our players have also really enjoyed it."