Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep-Remembrance Photography

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is something that is very close to my heart.

NILMDTS is an organization that provides Remembrance Photography for parents suffering the loss of a newborn.  We are volunteers that are trained and equipped prior to going on sessions.  This 'ministry' (that is what it is to me) has affected me deeply.  To be invited into the darkest moments of a parents life is a profound honor to me.  I know that shortly after the session, these parents will leave the hospital and the next time they lay eyes on their precious child will be through my photography.  

I let you know that I am a volunteer for NILMDT so you know you can call me directly if you or a loved one needs this kind of service. In the event I cannot be there, I will direct you to the NILMDTS call center to have it covered by another wonderful volunteer.  

Blessings, Karen